As an Intellectual Property Firm, our job is to protect your ideas and allow them to deploy their full potential. The registration of your brand and logo will not only protect them but merely turn them in a valuable asset. As owner of Intellectual Property rights, you will have exclusive nationwide ownership of the trademark. You will ultimately be able to sell, franchise or license your IP rights for profit.
  We can assist you throughout Asia. As a client, you have one point of contact based in Singapore to deal with all your Asian IP matters. The platform developed by IPHub Asia is designed to maximize time effectiveness and ensure a smooth communication process.
Benefits of registering trademarks
The trademark’s owner is entitled to a presumption of ownership and exclusive use of the mark for the goods or services of interest in a specific jurisdiction;
Registration will make it much easier to take legal actions to prevent third parties from using a similar or identical trademark;
Many companies carry out clearance searches of relevant trademark registers before adopting a new trademark. A registered trademark will appear  in  the
trademark search reports ordered by others and will likely discourage them from proceeding with the registration of an identical or similar trademark;
Trademarks are your property and they can be sold or licensed to somebody else whilst you retain the IP rights;
The mark’s owner is granted the right to put the logo ® after the mark.

A very wide range of designs can be protected under various national design regulations. Potentially protectable designs include two dimensional designs such as fabric patterns, or three dimensional designs like watches or mobile phones.

In fact, registered designs may be a useful supplement or alternative to trademark protection where trademark protection is difficult to obtain or cannot be secured without prior extensive use.

As for trademarks, designs can be assigned, mortgaged or licensed.
Trademarks can be the most important asset of a company as they are its main goodwill. When properly used and maintained, they can last forever. However, one has to be aware that some maintenance is involved in keeping a trademark valid.

Generally, trademarks have to be renewed every ten years. It is also critical to keep the marks’ details (such as the applicant’s name and address) updated at all times and to record assignments or licenses of the marks on a timely manner.
Furthermore, if a registered trademark has not been used consecutively for a certain period of time (three or five years, depending on the jurisdiction), there is a risk that the trademark might be removed from the Register. Indeed, any interested party could apply to have an inactive registered trademark removed by showing proof of non-use.
24 hours guarantee:
We are super reactive and operate quickly and effectively and commit to revert to clients’ enquiries and instructions within 24 hours (or less). Our team is highly trained, proactive, committed and motivated to help you thrive.
One stop:
We provide a complete solution for your IP rights in Asia, from pre-filing availability searches to prosecution and maintenance of your IP rights. We commit to your project without much bureaucracy. To make things simple, you have one point of contact in Singapore who is assigned to you specifically.

Quality over quantity:
We are big enough to cope – yet small enough to care. We have everything a large IP firm has in terms of providing solutions, while we keep our business relationships on a human scale in order to maintain the highest degree of personalised attention. All our clients benefit from total commitment, sound advice and a competitive pricing structure.

There is nothing worse than a surprise bill that you were not banking on. That is why we prefer to agree on the fees in advance and we will charge you as per our quotation.  We believe that our fees are extremely competitive and we are totally transparent.
Personalised service:
We treat each new client opportunity as unique and we value business continuity and clients’ relationships. We are committed to delivering tailored professional advice and solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. We believe that dialogue and discussion are the most important facets of a successful process. We stand out in the business because we are flexible and we understand that each client is different and needs to be treated accordingly.
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I was born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and hold a Masters’ Degree in Law from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) with specialization in Intellectual Property. In 2003, I moved to South-East Asia where I joined one of the leading Singapore-based IP firms. I was in charge of the trademark and design department and I had the opportunity to gain extensive experience in Intellectual Property in all the Asian countries.
I set up IPHub Asia in 2008 and I am currently the firm Managing Director. Feedback, questions or just say “Hi”

I love my job and my responsibility does not stop when I leave the office. You can reach me anytime at +65 97545342.
I graduated from the University Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) with a Masters’ Degree in Law. Prior to moving to Singapore and joining IPHub Asia in 2010, I served as an attorney specialized in International Private Law and Migration Law in Belgium and then as a legal counsel for a non-profit organization in Hong Kong.

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I graduated in 2003 from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, majoring in International Law. Prior to joining IPHub Asia, I worked at prominent law firms in Indonesia and Singapore, specializing in Intellectual Property Rights. In 2009, I graduated from the Indonesian Intellectual Property Academy, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, and gained qualification as a Registered Intellectual Property Consultant. I am fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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Prior to joining IPHub Asia, I have obtained a Diploma in Law and Management in Temasek Polytechnic and thereafter worked as a paralegal in law firms in Singapore and assisted in litigation work involving insolvency and insurance law for 5 years. I aspired for a change and chose to join IPHub Asia recently. This has sparked my interest to learn and gain more knowledge and experience in Intellectual Property.

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Singapore is the place we call home. But our clients are spanning the globe. They range from foreign IP firms outsourcing their work in Asia to departments of multinational corporations, small firms and private individuals based mainly in Europe and in the US.

We have been trusted by market leaders in their respective industries. Our staff has significant experience in a broad array of consumer goods and services, including
luxury goods, watches, jewellery, food and beverage, wines and champagnes, accommodation, pharmaceuticals, tele- communication, consumer retailing in traditional and e-commerce fields, and many more!
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