everything you need to know about trademarks iphub asia
— that a trademark and patent offer two different types of protection? While a patent protects your invention, a trademark will protect your logo, your company name or the name of your product or service.  — that trademark protection is not compulsory? It is not...
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geographical indication opposition case australia grape and wine incorporated iphub asia
On 3rd May 2019, the company Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco (“the Applicant”) filed an application for a geographical indication for the name ‘Prosecco’ in relation to wines. The subject application was opposed by Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated (“the Opponent”)...
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thailand introduces fast track trademark renewal and application procedures iphub asia
The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) of Thailand has just introduced fast track options for both their trademark renewals and applications. Trademark renewals As per the new fast-track process, trademarks can now be renewed (with the issuance of a proper Trademark Certificate) within 45 minutes....
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trademark registration faq iphub asia
Congratulations! You have decided to obtain trademark protection for your brand! You understand that seeking protection for IP rights is important to protect your business and its long-term vision, and must not be delayed to avoid unnecessary and expensive complications. Please don’t worry; we are...
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protecting your design in singapore benefits registration and renewal iphub asia
What is a design? As per Section 2 of Singapore’s Registered Designs Act (RDA), a design includes “features of shape, configuration, colours, pattern or ornament applied to any article or non‑physical product that give that article or non‑physical product its appearance.” What is not registrable...
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