intellectual property guidelines for luxury brands in Southeast Asia IPHub Asia
The fashion and lifestyle sector is steadfastly growing and offering more and more business opportunities to luxury brand owners in Southeast Asia.
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new Malaysian trademarks act 2019 IPHub Asia
The much-awaited and long overdue new Malaysian Trademarks Act 2019 has now been fully implemented following its official enforcement on 27th December 2019.
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starting a company in Singapore IPHub Asia
You don’t necessarily have to start your business in your home country. In fact, if you’re an independent digital nomad, an offshore incorporation could prove to be highly beneficial. You just need to find out which location would be ideal for your project to take...
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essentials of design registration IPHub Asia
Designs are meant to protect the original and unique visual characteristics of an article or of a non-physical product (anything lacking a physical form).
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important trademark terms IPHub Asia Singapore
The IP industry jargon may seem daunting. However, you still need to understand a few frequently used words when considering obtaining protection for your mark.
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