trademark registration singapore IPHub Asia
When you have a business, using a trademark to differentiate your products or services from that of others is critical to build a strong brand image.
design protection in singapore IP firm IPHub Asia
Here is some practical advice that you should not neglect when applying for design protection in Singapore.
things to know before visiting Singapore for INTA IPHub Asia
The International Trademark Association (INTA) is conducting its 142nd Annual Meeting in Singapore from 25 to 29 April this year. We hope you will join us.
intelletual property rights protection in singapore iphub asia
Singapore has consistently ranked no.1 in Asia since 2015, for its commitment to strengthening its Intellectual Property rights protection and creating awareness of the value of Intellectual Property.
starting a company in Singapore IPHub Asia
You don’t necessarily have to start your business in your home country. In fact, if you’re an independent digital nomad, an offshore incorporation could prove to be highly beneficial. You just need to find out which location would be ideal for your project to take wings. Forbes identifies Singapore as one of the best countries...
changes in the intellectual property practice in Singapore IPHub Asia
2019 has seen some significant changes in Intellectual Property in Singapore, specially in relation to trademarks, designs, and Geographical Indications.
registration of geographical indications singapore ip hub asia
As 2019 comes to an end and we look back on what happened this year, it appears that the introduction of a new Geographical Indications Registry is one of the major changes in the Singapore IP landscape. Singapore’s Geographical Indications (GIs) Rules 2019 was indeed enforced on 1st April 2019 to implement the Geographical Indications...