things to know before visiting Singapore for INTA IPHub Asia
The International Trademark Association (INTA) is conducting its 142nd Annual Meeting in Singapore from 25 to 29 April this year. We hope you will join us.
new Malaysian trademarks act 2019 IPHub Asia
The much-awaited and long overdue new Malaysian Trademarks Act 2019 has now been fully implemented following its official enforcement on 27th December 2019.
important trademark terms IPHub Asia Singapore
The IP industry jargon may seem daunting. However, you still need to understand a few frequently used words when considering obtaining protection for your mark.
changes in the 2020 trademark system in Myanmar IP Hub Asia Singapore
The long-awaited new law will bring major changes to Myanmar’s trademark practice.
madrid system basics trademark specialists IP Hub Asia singapore
The online era has created an easy pathway for businesses to develop a multi-country market for their products.
new trademark law in myanmar trademark experts IPHub Asia
The long-awaited trademark law will be implemented in 2020 in Myanmar and will bring major changes to its trademark practices.
register a trademark in singapore IPHub asia
As opposed to what you might think, it’s not too hard to register a trademark in Singapore.
trademark basics intellectual property singapore IPHub Asia
Most of you may already be aware of the trademark basics. However, we’d like to make sure you have your facts right.