the top 5 mistakes to avoid when filing a trademark application iphub asia
As a business owner, it is very important to secure protection for your trademark to obtain monopoly over it. Once your trademark registration is approved, you have exclusive rights to use the trademark and to prevent other parties from using it without your prior authorization...
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trademark licensing in singapore iphub asia
Obtaining a trademark registration in Singapore is important for business owners who plan to enter the Singapore market. As the owner of a Singapore trademark registration, you will have the exclusive right over that particular trademark.
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sustainability in certification and collective marks IPHub Asia
As the climate agenda intensifies, consumers are increasingly conscious of how technology affects the landscape. Sustainability is the new way of doing business and it is becoming an integral part of many companies’ philosophy. If consistent with a brand’s positioning, it will not only increase...
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damiani international BV trademark opposition case IPHub Asia
The company, Dhamani Jewels DMCC (“the Applicant”), filed an application for the mark dhamani iphub asia (“the Application Mark”) in classes 14 and 35 in Singapore on 4th October 2017. The subject mark was opposed by Damiani International BV (“the Opponent”) on the basis of...
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intellectual property rights in southeast asia iphub asia
After all the hard work, time and capital that you have invested in your business, it makes perfect sense to protect every aspect of it. To this effect, ensure that you also secure your intangible assets, like your Intellectual Property, to enjoy exclusive rights over...
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