IP Law case IPHub Asia
Regularly, IPHub selects one court ruling to help you understand Singapore Intellectual Property law. This week we’ve picked one opposition filed by the famous company Starbucks Corporation against the registration of a mark filed by Morinaga Nyugyo Kabushiki Kaisha. Once a mark is published in...
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what is copyright intellectual property IPHub Asia Singapore
Copyright is one type of Intellectual Property that provides valuable protection which we should not ignore.
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branding and trademarks iphub asia
A business can successfully compete in the market when its audience recognizes the company and its products. Thus, establishing a strong brand presence is quintessential to business success.
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types of intellectual property protection iphub asia
Intellectual property is intangible in nature. However, it is granted similar rights as those granted to physical properties. The owners are given exclusive rights to use them, and as such, do not need to worry about losing profit through imitation.
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colour trademark iphub asia
In a social circumstance, colours define a person’s personality. If you wear black, you can be considered as classic, dark and mysterious, insecure, introverted, powerful, or even displaying a lack of creativity. Conversely, if you wear something bright or of a cheerful tone such as...
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