Business in the time of coronavirus: how to stay ahead

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Today, most of us have to go remote! Conducting business in the time of coronavirus is suddenly a challenge. However, notwithstanding these difficult times, this is an opportunity to test and improve our capacity and capability to work from home. Thankfully, dematerialisation makes it conceivable. It can even be beneficial for employees and the organisation as a whole.

Here are a few tips to alter our business perspectives during this Covid-19 pandemic.

–        Engage socially

We all experience fear and anxiety towards this unprecedented situation. Let’s start the day by asking how everyone is doing, and being unafraid to discuss our feelings. We can invite staff members to share daily challenges, frustrations and success stories. We can also help each other by answering specific questions such as ‘what is needed to become a better remote team?’

Close collaboration and regular communication are key. We must stay connected to fight loneliness and isolation. Allowing time for personal, one-on-one conversations is crucial, and making time for team meetings is as important. Making heartbeat calls and giving regular feedback is a great way to keep everyone going. Rewards and recognitions are essential to remind each other that what we do still matters!

–      Use online resources

We can use all the collaborative tools available to exchange and share valuable content. These could include video and web conferencing tools, social media, and messaging platforms to create groups for instant communication and fun. 

Making video calls rather than phone calls allows us to engage more deeply. New technologies can be used to implement new concepts such as starting an online company journal or book club, organising video conference meals with discussions around specific business topics…and so much more!

Let’s be creative and favour modern and user-friendly tools such as Slack, Microsoft Team, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Google Suite (docs, spreadsheets etc.), Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive), Trello, Asana… Time to leave the good old Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint at the office!

Share entertainment, educational and lifestyle applications with each other to stay motivated, focused, active and psychologically healthy. There are so many online resources which can be used such as meditation, sports or languages applications that would benefit the business and maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

–       Create and follow a daily routine

We agree, carving out dedicated time for business in the time of coronavirus can be tough, with everyone at home at the same time, including our kids. Yet, it can be done – and done well. We can start by having our own private space, which is indispensable. We should work normal hours and save our energy for the most important matters both “in the office” and at home. To keep on going, we must diversify our work/personal activities. We can alternate between team brainstorming, home-schooling, written and computer work, online meetings, family time, business ideating, personal time etc.

The aim is to reduce stress, establish engagement and trust, enhance autonomy and foster initiatives, ensure cohesion and productivity across the entire team, whether professional or familial!

–      Develop a sustainable corporate social responsibility program

This period is also an opportunity to think about protecting and benefiting the society and the environment. Among many other things, this time could be used to:

–        Redefine our core values collectively and enhance our communication accordingly.

–        Collect feedback from our customers and stakeholders, because people have time! Why not include them progressively in the decision-making process?

–        Determine which social and/or environmental issues matter the most for our people (employees, customers, partners, prospects etc.).

–        Make this fit with our core activities and business purposes by respecting ethics and morals.

Beyond environmental and social aspects, social responsibility will help to valorise our intangible capital, improve our extra-financial rating, differentiate our business from others, and increase employment value.

Let’s stay flexible and open enough to rearrange our mode of operation; nothing is impossible!

At IPHub Asia, we understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, but we believe you can still thrive with a shift in perspective – as can your business in the time of coronavirus. Let us know how we can make your life easier. We would be happy to support and relieve you as you pursue your objectives! Do get in touch with us.

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From her youth, Mathilde has developed a high sensibility for art and culture leading her to become the IP specialist she is today. Her aim is to offer clients a customized legal approach to protect, defend and valorise their creations internationally with a focus on Southeast Asia. She is guided by her natural curiosity and passion for people, which have led her to travel and live in multiple places across the globe. She believes that experiences provide lasting joy and is always keen on new adventures!

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