How to disconnect from work when you work from home

disconnect from work when you work from home IPHub Asia

Working from home has been a growing phenomenon – even before the pandemic. In fact, I have been working from home over the last couple of years. It took me some time to adjust but I have learned to enjoy the freedom and flexibility it gives you. Even if successful, remote working looks and feels different for everyone. I believe the key is to be able to distance yourself from work, so the workday does not stretch on indefinitely. 

Here are a few tricks that help me leave work at work, that might be useful to you as well:

–        Start by being totally honest with yourself: the business is not going to collapse if you take your mind off it for a while. Turn off the phone, put away the computer on Friday at 6pm and refrain from checking messages for the next 48 hours. This will not only allow your mind to unplug and disconnect from the workday, but it will help you be physically and mentally present in the moment and share quality time with your family and friends over the weekend. Work-life balance is key to being focused and productive. It will also keep you happy, and give you the time off to recover from the busy week. Your satisfaction in life will improve drastically and this will inevitably, positively impact your performance at work.

–        If possible, dedicate a specific room in your apartment to your office work. When you close that office door at the end of the day, your brain will shift from work to another activity, and move on to the next part of the day. Do not forget to leave your laptop and cell phone behind.

–        Never underestimate emotional and mental wellness. When the world gets back to normal, step out of the house as much as you can. Meet friends or colleagues for lunch, attend yoga lessons, or exercise outside on a regular basis, instead of merely connecting on social media. Do all the things that you were missing when having to stay home. This will help you avoid catching one of society’s deadliest diseases: loneliness. After all, human beings are social creatures, and face-to-face communication is a fundamental need. And the sun is our best source of Vitamin D! These breaks will calm your mind, rest your brain, recharge your batteries and you will come back to work with new ideas and more energy.

We tend to feel guilty for not being always available to our clients. However, being connected 24/7 is not only unhealthy but also inefficient. It’s better to sign off when we are done for the day and start afresh the next morning. After all, we all need to learn the importance of boundaries.

During this ongoing pandemic, you may feel isolated and anxious as you work from home. You can read some helpful tips on how to cope with coronavirus anxiety to make you feel better. 

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